Afflicted 3 Updated

This Add-on allows you to track enemy spells, similar to today's most used OmniBar.

It's a bit more advanced as you can choose to see cooldown and/or duration of each spell.

Moreover there is an advanced anchor feature to group spells together and move them around. You also have an option to switch between bar and icon display, again specific to each spell.

Finally I added a toggle in the General option panel to track friendly spells and auras aswell. You just have to untick "Show Hostile Only".

This add-on was discontinued since 2014 and had several outdated components due to major changes in Legion 7.x. patches.

Note that will have to add spells you want to track manually in the add-on. There is a name research where you can find common spells as interrupts but you might have to look for some spell IDs on wowhead (e.g.

Download Afflicted 3:

  1. man you are a fucking god for doing this. been playing on pservers for 10 years with this addon and got SO used to it. not being able to use it on BFA made me so miserable lol

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