My UI scripts going into Shadowlands

It's been a little while I haven't posted anything here but I'm not dead yet ! In fact I'll be playing Shadowlands even though I'm not particularly hyped about it. As for every expansion, I took some time to figure out things I could improve on my UI, so here is what I got. 1. Use Details add-on to run code I didn't make an addon for every little snippet you will find in this guide. You can add what you want into the autorun console of Details. To do so, open Details options, click on the "Auto Run Code" Continue Reading

Wow Model Catalog Updated !

I made an add-on in 2018 to browse all WoW 3D NPC models directly inside the game. It's main purpose is to be used along with a Morpher. However you can simply enjoy discovering all new models as soon as they are added into the game and without any add-on update. Someone reached out to me to suggest a new feature to see mounts in a new tab, so here it is ! Download link :

Hidden Interface Options

There are a lot of interface options that were pruned out of the Interface menu or simply not added at all. Here is a summary of the most important ones. /console ActionButtonUseKeyDown 0 Default value is 1. When set at 0, your spells are casted when you release the key (up). Else they are when you press the key (down). This is also known as Quick Cast. It's really a matter of personal preference. In the original version of the game, there was no quick cast. They later added the option and when they finally removed it, they made quick Continue Reading

Botting WoW in 2019

First, a bit of knowledge. The most handy way to make a bot is to read directly into the game's memory to retrieve informations about the game state (health point, position of our character in the world, targets etc). Having all these ressources available to us makes it easy to take decisions. s_CurrentTarget = 0x00BD07A8, Example of an old hexadecimal memory offset for getting current target on WoW However game designers who are rightfully concerned about people reading their game's memory like an open book, try to hide these informations to make the job harder. This can drastically increase the Continue Reading

CD Shout Scripts

I made these scripts for LFG/PUGs and even to help my teammates track my cooldowns when they don't play with add-ons to do so. This could be something to integrate directly in the game, similar to what league of legends did: when you press a spell it tells the cooldown in party chat. It will not say anything when the spell is ready and for 2 sec after you cast it, to avoid spam when you press your cd several times in a row. The script is the following for Trinket: You can personalize it for every spell by changing Continue Reading

Afflicted 3 Updated

This Add-on allows you to track enemy spells, similar to today's most used OmniBar. It's a bit more advanced as you can choose to see cooldown and/or duration of each spell. Moreover there is an advanced anchor feature to group spells together and move them around. You also have an option to switch between bar and icon display, again specific to each spell. Finally I added a toggle in the General option panel to track friendly spells and auras aswell. You just have to untick "Show Hostile Only". This add-on was discontinued since 2014 and had several outdated components due Continue Reading